Need room to breathe?
Is junk taking over your precious space?
Having a clear out?

Then let Junk Monkey take care of the problem and enjoy the most hassle free experience! We remove junk fast and effectively from both commercial and residential properties. Our rates include two junk removal men to take the junk from anywhere in your property and load it into the back of our custom built trucks. We then clean up at the end of the job and dispose of the waste in the most environmentally sound way possible.

We clear almost anything, from almost anywhere – single items to entire house clearances and we guarantee to recycle wherever possible. We work quickly and thoroughly and as a company we are dedicated to recycling and reducing what goes to landfill.

What monkey do

Booking monkey as
easy as 1,2,3...

Where monkey go!

Us monkeys live in the urban jungle otherwise known as London. We can send out our crew of junk monkeys to pick up your junk from any part of Greater London. Just give us a call and we’ll let you know when we can be there!

Just give us a call or email us and we will get your house office or garden clearance booked in pronto!

Reasons to choose monkey!

We give loads to charity and can let you know which charities benefit from items that you chuck out that are surplus to your requirement, but are perhaps not junk and have a life elsewhere.

No skip permit required

No parking permit required

We do all the hard, strenuouswork for you

Our trucks are 13.5 cubic yards – a little over the volume of two domestic skips

We recycle when and where possible

We have been going for over 8 years and in April 2015 we did our 10,000th job. Complaints in that time have been very few and far between.

We do not charge the congestion charge.

We take customer satisfaction VERY seriously and do all we can to keep our clients extremely happy with the service received.

Monkey Prices

Volume Charge (excl VAT) Charge (inc VAT)
Min charge £55 £66
1/8th £75 £90
1/6th £90 £108
1/4 Truck £110 £132
1/3rd £125 £150
3/8th £150 £180
Half a truck £165 £198
5/8th £180 £216
2/3rd £195 £235
3/4 Truck £215 £258
5/6th £235 £282
7/8th £260 £312
Full truck £280 £336

Junk Monkey may charge an additional £90 an hour time supplement in rare cases of limited access to the junk. This will only apply if there is bad accessibility to the junk due to parking issues or lots of stairs without the option of a lift. This time supplement will be quoted before any work begins.

Mattress £24
Fridge £66
Commercial fridge, chest freezer or large fridge £168
Computer monitor £18
Tyre £18
Piano £144
Parking As incurred
Congestion charge FREE
Sunday clearance (per job) £90

Monkey size

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    The team are absolutely incredible. There is never a job that they won’t do and are very quick to respond. They are all a very friendly bunch and I couldn’t recommend them more! Not overpriced either!
    Scarlet Guest, LDG Property Management

    The guys from Junk Monkey are absolutely brilliant! We use them every time we need and always get the same amazing quality service. The guys are lovely and very helpful, quick and extremely efficient! They are always happy to help and go the extra mile. We could not ask for anything else – we are loyal customers and would not consider anyone else. I would highly recommend their service to anyone!!
    Isadora Berlim Graça, Squire & Partners

    I have used Junk Monkey for property clearance jobs on many occasions. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the job is big or small – I get the same level of consistently excellent service: professional, timely, cheerful and good value for money. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Chris Guyver, Managing
    Director, Pepper Shackleton Wellard Ltd

    We have found Junk Monkey great to deal with over the years, always helpful and flexible with integrity and essential initiative!
    Chris Hart, WebsterHart

    Junk monkey provide an impeccable service from start through to finish, with their polite, friendly and approachable operatives to their punctuality on site. We have been using Junk Monkey for our waste clearance for over a year now and would highly recommend them to anyone.
    Adam Ford, Kitchen Architecture

    We have been using Junk Monkey for over two years now and as a small business based in Wandsworth we cannot recommend highly enough the services of Junk Monkey. They are always on time, polite and with competitive pricing, top marks from us and they re-cycle too!
    Mike Hullis, Phoenix Cycles

    Uh Ooh?
    Monkey answer

    Do you recycle?
    Every effort is made to recycle whatever we can whenever financially possible. We are dedicated to reducing what goes to land fill. We also take items that we feel have a life elsewhere to charity shops and we also free-cycle.

    Do you take builders rubble and waste?
    YES WE DO! However if it’s heavy rubble we charge on weight rather than volume. Bagged up rubble is preferred because we can load it into our custom made trucks quickly, helping you avoid a time supplement. It should be noted, however, that we can’t take paint!

    What type of things do you take?
    Almost everything. There are supplements on certain items of junk (environmentally hazardous waste) but there are just a few items / materials that we do not take full stop. These are: asbestos, paint, waste food, car batteries and fluorescent light tubes.

    How big is your Truck?
    The container at the back of each our trucks is 13.5 cubic yards. This is about the same space as 2 ¼ domestic skips
    (a domestic skip is 6 cubic yards).

    Are you insured to do this work?
    Yes. Our trucks and drivers are fully insured to do this work, including cover against any unlikely damage caused to a client’s property when removing junk from the premises.

    How much notice do you require?
    Try to give us as much notice as possible to ensure your junk collection can be scheduled for a time most convenient to you. Nevertheless, we can normally be with you within 48 hours and we can often do same-day pick-ups.

    Can you do the job outside ordinary business hours?
    If you require a pick-up outside ordinary business hours, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your requirements. Please be aware that supplements are charged for later pick-ups (after 18.30) and you should give us about five days notice for this type of collection.

    Junk do good

    We put your junk to good use by donating items with value to a selection of charitable causes. These are some of the charities that have benefited from our clients junk.

    Ooh! Ooh! aAh!
    Save Jungle!

    At Junk Monkey we really do care about the environment and recycling.

    We recycle all metal, paper, glass and cardboard. We also recycle some plastics where possible.

    Wherever possible we promote the re-use of junk that we feel could have a life elsewhere. Clothes, and half decent bric-a-brac often end up in charity shops.

    In our office we print on recycled paper (often perfectly good stuff that has been thrown out) and use recycled envelopes.

    Call monkey junkline now!
    0800 043 0809
    Or email